Thursday, May 12, 2011


Right Temporal Lobe:

Left Temporal Lobe:
Only the door that's not stick together...

Front Lobes:


Parietal Lobe:
Left & Right doors open fine and assign initial music for desert or snow.
Middle door opens fine; transition music between needed to be set, not sure how it needs to be done in relation to the dysfunctional triggers.

Doors open, couldn't do initialising music because some music scripts already attach to FPC (not MainCamera) and will cause double up.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scripting to do for Wednesday, + Executive team suggestions.

Note: Disfunctional triggers turn craziness on or off when you walk across them, like a toggle. When you leave the room, that also resets the room to a normal state.


Room name:
a. What needs to be scripted (sound is assumed for everything)
b. What suggestions we got from the exec team.

Left/Right Frontal Lobe:
a. Effects...not sure which are yet to be done.
b. More lighting? Maybe a little darker? Use lights to de-emphasize the texture blurriness. Chess pieces need to collide with you less, somehow, when you hit the trigger?

Olfactory Lobe:
a. Explosions needed for the trigger.
b. Light up the center of the room more--they want to keep the darkness, but want to see the central shelving a little more.

Right Temporal Lobe:
a. Texture swapping and lighting needs to be adjusted when the trigger goes off...
b. Garbage could be placed on the ground, there seems to be a lack of substance in the texturing...maybe adjust the fog so it doesn't look so flat?


Occipital Lobe:
a. Texture swapping for movie screens, eyeball rotation, film reel rotation, things coming out of the wall.
b. None?

Parietal Lobe:
a. Particle emitter adjustment.
b. Spheres need to be orbiting. fog?

a. Adjust lights so they swing crazily correclty. Fix Itween + rigidbody issue.
b. More frame movement.

Left Temp Lobe:
a. Candles. Fog. Scripting text going upside down and stuff.
b. Too bright? Can't read text.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Things we will need to be able to do, things we will probably be doing.

Scripts we will NEED for all rooms (PRIMARY OBJECTIVES):

-- Teleporting on collision with certain objects.
-- Audio scripts.
--Fade in, no matter where you are.
--Fade out, no matter where you are.
--Activates when you hit a trigger, then either fades out old music or fades in new.
--Items which when touched change your:
--Camera angle (and force you to look in a certain place)
--Camera orientation (and distorts your perspective)
--Animation scripts.
--Be able to activate a BAKED animation when you are close enough to something and 
have pressed a key. As in, a door that opens when you get close enough, and allows
you to move to a different place.

Aside from scripts needed for all rooms, there will be 3 different kinds of scripts it will be great to have

--Sound/Image Swapping: Working with movie textures, doing quick swaps of 
images once something happens.

                --Along a path

Scripts that affect light:
--Color changes
--Intensity wavering (flickering)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who's who in Ephemera's engine team.

So, after our meeting today, the following has been decided:

1) iTween lesson is scheduled in the studio for Saturday at 1 PM. Come and chill out with us. I'm bringing candy.

2) The second demo for the concept will be available for your perusement as of tonight, on the server. We are presenting it to the executive producers at 5:30. The first demo is also available, in the "naming conventions demo folder.

3) Responsibilities are divided as follows:

TEAM 1: Simon, Max, and Snow.

Responsibility 1: Scripting.
  • This team will be in charge of making sure that Javascript and scripts created in iTween work appropriately, and apply them in the project database. This team will only be in charge of applying scripts to objects already placed in Unity by team 2. If a movie does not play at the appropriate time, or if an event is not occurring, this is a scripting issue.

Responsibility 2: User Testing.

  • This team will also be in charge of testing the project's compatibility with the systems downstairs, as well as making sure it "plays" correctly. If the controls are difficult to use, the frame rate is too slow, or if an object doesn't make sense/doesn't work, it is this team's responsibility to make note of this and fix it.

TEAM 2: Pascal, Isis, Jin.
Responsibility 1: Construction
  • The database will be a current build of the project in Unity, into which they will place all the objects submitted, ready to be scripted. Determining exactly what this means will take some communication between teams 1 and 2.

Responsibility 2: Server Management
  • This team will also be in charge of taking all objects out of the asset drop folder and updating the project database. If there is a problem importing assets due to file type, this team needs to organize an effort to communicate with the Production Team to resolve the issue. This team also needs to make sure files are named according to naming conventions, so that they can be manipulated properly by Team 1 while scripting.

Responsibility 3: Exhibition Space Management: Everybody does this. Basically, it involves constructing the physical space for the project on level 3, and being ready to open the doors on LAUNCH DAY.


4) Here is a visual metaphor for how well we will work together. Like kittens in a cute photograph. Max wasn't at the meeting, so there are only five kittens in the metaphor. Clearly.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Useful Information.


1: Here's a helpful article about 3d positions in unity...I haven't read it yet, but I'm going to now, to work out how to rotate something around a certain point in space (or vector).

2: I've placed the InCameraDemo project on the server. It is a complete project which we won't be using anymore for an old concept that we're not using anymore. However, it contains all the naming conventions that we will be using for the project, so have a look at how it's organised. You can access it by going:

aim2010 server > Group Project 2011 > Naming Conventions Demo > InCameraDemo.

We need to be very strict about naming conventions--otherwise we will end up with a TON of work renaming and organizing the project. If the project isn't organized, we can't build it! End of line.